About us

Hairbyheweis a creative community salon that provides pleasing premium haircare services for diverse clientele. We pride ourselves in rendering great hair services and leaving our customers satisfied. We’ve got experienced and professional stylists to help you make your preferred style of hair and leave you looking chic and classy. The quality and diversity  of our services and clientele makes us stand out amongst any other salon, as we ensure that our services speak positively about our brand.

Our workers are of the most courteous behavior as we treat customers with the utmost courtesy and respect. This helps us ensure that our services in general – from the hair service we make to our customer relationship leaves the client with optimal satisfaction.

We offer clients affordable and also give some incentives to repeated customers thereby encouraging them for more patronage. At Hairbyhewe, clients can be rest assured that only products of top qualities are employed in getting their hair done and treated.

This amazing brand was founded by Hewe a graduate of SVI community college. She has gained much experience in hairstyles and hairdo through a series of internships and training. She was an independent stylist at Focycut as a colorist and curly hair stylist for two and a half years. Hewe was one of the five-star yelp ratings and her rating makes her one of the most trusted hair stylists around.

She has mastered the art of smoothing and styling all types of color services with a keen eye for details no matter the texture. Either fun fantasy colors or sun-kissed balayage, Hairbyhewe has got you covered with any style of your choice. Hewe makes certain that her brand keeps updating their products and technique of carrying out their services. This has helped ensure that

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