Fantasy Colors

Hairbyhewe is poised at satisfying your needs at an optimal level. This reason is why we advise on the type of colors to combine for your fantasy colors. We put into consideration the necessary factors before embarking on this service. Fantasy colors have to do with colors that are not found naturally – mermaid hair color, rainbow color, etc. So, irrespective of whether you want your hair rainbow we’ve got you covered. However we pride ourselves on the services we render, so we ensure that your fantasy color is more stylish than trashy.

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What is involved in a fantasy color?

There’s a lot involved in this service, depending on what color you’re opting for, how light you want to go, or how dark your hair is and if it has color in it already. This is why we insist on consultation before you book any fantasy color.

These colors might not necessarily be cheap, easy, or fast. If you think yours might be, contact us so we can ask you a few questions and maybe forgo the consultation. Also, silver and rose gold are considered fantasy colors.